Capri, Positano, Vesuvio

From Florence I took the train south to Naples and the ferry to Capri, where I spent three days hiking.

Capri Sunset
Sentiero dei Fortini

It’s a small island, so the trails aren’t long, but they are vertical. The views are spectacular, with rock cliffs dropping to bright blue water.

Capri Cliffs

Returning to the mainland, I hiked up Vesuvio and explored the ruins at Herculaneum.

Vesuvio View
Herculaneum and Vesuvio

I finished off southern Italy by hiking the Path of the Gods from Positano to Praiano. The trail itself is relatively easy, but one must climb 1500 steps to get to the trail from Positano, then descend 1000 steps to Praiano, then back up the 1000 steps and down 1500 to return to Positano. But it deserves its name and is worth the climb.

Sentiero degli Dei
Sentiero degli Dei Hiking Companion

I’m in Rome for a few days, then London and home.


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