Veneto and Venezia

We are near the end of our trip, having visited more of the Veneto region and now a few days in Venezia before we fly home. It is fascinating to watch the boats in Venezia. There are boats for every need – vegetable boats, ambulance boats, garbage boats, FedEx boats. All of the boats have evolved to operate on the Venetian lagoon and canals, and are adapted for their particular task.

The boatsmen spend every working day on their boats and are amongst the most skilled boatsmen in the world, effortlessly maneuvering through the traffic on the canals. It is always amazing to watch those who are masters at their trade as their individual performance blends with the performances of others equally skillful to create a work of art every minute of every day. Our world is such an incredible experience.

Ponte degli Alpini, Bassano del Grappa
Bicycle in Vicenza
Villa Rotonda, Vicenza
Citroen 2CV, Verona
Vespa, Vicenza
Tre Amici, Vicenza
Prato della valle, Padova
Canal, Venezia
Pigeon Bathing, Venezia