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Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo And Back To Puerto Vallarta


The terrestrial travels in southern México are complete. Tomorrow the pelagic travels resume. I am sitting in the shade near the water. A light breeze keeps me cool during this warmest part of the day. It is a tranquil Sunday afternoon. Frigate birds glide silently overhead, never flapping their wings. The water in the marina is calm, with just the hint of a ripple from the breeze. The palm trees sway ever so slightly. The jungle covered hills are dark green in the afternoon sun, the sky a light blue, the water a shade or two darker. In a few minutes I will walk to the beach, swim a mile or so straight out to sea, past the people playing in the surf, past the jet skis and parasail boats. Just a mile from shore it is a different world, quiet, calm, serene. I will float on my back out there for a few minutes, then swim back to the other world, refreshed. Tomorrow I will sail further out into the sea. Why? What is the reason, the purpose? I’m not going anywhere in particular. I’m not doing anything in particular. Or am I? Some of us swim, some of us sail, some of us play music, dance, farm, paint, cook, build, create, make, repair. Why? Because it’s what we do. It’s our part in the game, in the grand opera. Of course there are twists and turns in the plot; I’m not the same person I was yesterday, and I’ll be someone else tomorrow. What will I do then? In this moment I will swim.

Playa Zihuatanejo
Playa Ixtapa at Sunset
The Reason I Won’t Be Cleaning The Bottom Of My Boat At Marina Vallarta



I took the bus from México City to Oaxaca on 11 February 2019, a beautiful trip through forests, mountains, and deserts. Not far from México City there are views of the volcanoes Iztacchuatl and Popocatepetl.

Oaxaca is wonderful. Locals and visitors stroll the pedestrian only streets near the Zócalo in the evenings, watching street performers, looking at artisanal goods in street stalls, and eating in the cafes and restaurants. There is live music every night in the Zócalo near the cathedral.

Music and Dancing in the Zócalo

I’ve added a map of my travels in México here.

Ciudad de México

Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México
Templo Mayor de México Tenochtitlan
Bellas Artes

I flew into México City on Friday evening, 8 February 2019, and have had a wonderful weekend in the city.

My hotel was in the ‘Electrical Equipment’ neighborhood – many small shops specializing in a particular electrical category such as switches, cables, conduits, or high voltage transformers. I love cities that have specialty neighborhoods like this. I spent the weekend walking and only covered a fraction of the city – it is huge in terms of both population and geography. There is so much here to see – Mayan ruins, colonial architecture, beautiful parks, and so much more.

My favorite place was Triana Cafe Gourmet in the Mercado San Juan. The owner, Pablo, makes one of the best espressos I’ve ever had, rememberers you and introduces you to everyone at the counter after your first visit, and does a little dance every time he grinds coffee.

Centro Histórico
Avenida Paseo de la Reforma
El Angel de la Independencia
Bosque Chapultepec
Barquitos en Parque Chapultepec
Chinese New Year Celebration

I’m leaving in the morning for Oaxaca, but look forward to returning to México City in the future.