Dingle Way – Dun Quin to Tralee

Left Dun Quin at 10am Tuesday and walked 22 km to Feohanagh in about five hours. Walked along boreens and across grasslands, then across a long beach and on high cliffs.

Wednesday I departed at 9:30 and it took me almost eight hours to walk the 21 km to Cloghane. Descending Mt. Brandon was time consuming as it is a steep, muddy, slippery mess with a 2000 ft. cliff on one side.

The photo above shows the cutting of peat for fuel. The plastic bags are full of peat blocks ready for delivery.

Wednesday night I stayed at O’Connor’s pub which reminded me of PG Wodehouse’s Angler’s Rest. There was even a character telling outlandish stories like Mr. Mulliner.

Thursday I left at 9:30 and walked about 35 km to Camp in 8 hrs. It was mostly an easy walk on beaches.

I made it just in time to catch the bus to Tralee, where I stayed last night. This morning I took the bus to Killarney where I will spend two days hiking in the national park.

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